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How We Help

We use the most advanced and innovative research methods to help you deliver the insights and recommendations that make everyone better.

  • Research for strategy, product innovation, marketing and communications
  • Qualitative research: focus groups and online communities
  • Quantitative research: segmentation, conjoint analysis and more
  • Custom online panels, online communities and mobile-friendly surveys
  • Behavioral data, modeling and predictive analytics

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We are a research-driven culture. I have a demanding group of internal clients who need rapid and reliable research that they can trust to make critical decisions. So, I need best-in-class DIY research tools. I need full-service research experts. And I need a dedicated account service team that guarantees my success every time.

Marketing Research Director

Your Insights and Recommendations Make All the Difference

  • As an insights professional, your research and recommendations are critical to the success of everyone in your organization. You champion the voice of the customer and you guide your company‚Äôs most critical decisions about strategy, innovation, marketing and communications.
  • To succeed, you rely on research and analytics that you can trust. You know that research short-cuts lead to costly mistakes. So, you rely on expert partners to help you succeed.

FGI Helps You Deliver Insights and Recommendations that Get Results

  • FGI helps you generate the exact insights and recommendations you need to succeed. For many clients, we are an extension of their research department. These clients call on us to help with their most complex needs (segmentation, conjoint analysis for product development, concept testing, pricing, package testing, etc.).
  • For other clients, we build custom panels and help them conduct monthly studies that generate a continuous stream of valuable insights for their internal customers. For others, we conduct qualitative research using online communities, social media mining and traditional focus groups.