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How We Help

We help you use the most advanced and innovative research methods to discover what your customers want and why.

  • Name, logo, ad and copy testing
  • Ad / campaign effectiveness (pre and post)
  • Customer experience (CX), satisfaction and net promoter
  • Customer retention (churn reduction)
  • Tracking studies
  • Response and propensity modeling

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We are a customer-driven culture. So, I need advanced research to understand what my customers want, why and how best to serve them.

Marketing Director

Your Marketing Strategies and Campaigns Engage Your Customers and Get Results

  • Your marketing strategies, campaigns, creative and communications are critical to your company’s success. People count on you to understand what your customers want, why and how to best communicate with them. Your work can span multiple markets, customer segments, product lines and communication channels. At the end of the day, you help acquire, grow and retain customers while ensuring they have a great experience.
  • To succeed, you rely on many sources of data and insights, including purchases, website analytics, and social media. You also rely on proven research to give you insights that simply aren’t possible from other sources. You know that research short-cuts can lead to campaign failures, missed numbers and unhappy customers. So, you rely on robust research and expert partners to help you succeed.

FGI Helps You Understand Your Customers and How to Move Them

  • FGI helps you build the right strategies, campaigns and communications that will move your customers. For many clients, we understand their categories (awareness and usage) and segment their customers. For others, we help them understand why customers are leaving and/or buying with less frequency and enthusiasm.
  • FGI helps you design and launch the most effective marketing campaigns for any goal. For example, we provide advanced research to improve your decisions about product names, logos, offers, creative and messaging. For new products and services, we help you identify the very best features, benefits and prices for each customer segment.
  • FGI also helps you track, measure and improve your marketing performance in many key areas. These solutions include ad effectiveness research (pre and post), customer satisfaction and experience (CX) research, and customer retention (churn reduction) research. We also build and deploy predictive models that allow you to target the right customer with the right message at the right time.