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How We Help

We help you use the most advanced and innovative research methods to confidently develop new products and services.

  • Market studies, category studies and segmentation
  • Crowd-sourcing and concept screeners
  • Concept development and optimization (conjoint analysis)
  • Concept testing, pricing and market share forecasting (monadic)
  • Package, message and ad testing and optimization

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We are a research-driven culture that relies on a mix of agile insights and advanced analytics for competitive advantage. In every case, we insist on proven methods and best practices.

Product Manager

Your Innovative New Products and Services Drive New Growth

  • Your new product and service innovations drive growth in market share, revenue and satisfied customers. People count on you to make the right decisions about new customer segments, new product features and benefits, and just the right pricing and marketing strategies for each offering.
  • To succeed, you rely on proven research that increases your odds of success at every decision point along the innovation process. You know that research short-cuts or innovation guesswork can lead to epic failures. So, you rely on robust research and expert partners to help you succeed.

FGI Helps You Discover, Develop and Market Successful New Offerings

  • FGI helps you answer the tough questions at every critical decision point along your innovation process. For many clients, we help them at the “fuzzy front end” of innovation. For this, we provide qualitative research solutions such as social media mining, crowd-sourcing, online communities and traditional focus groups. FGI also provides concept screening research to help narrow down the best new ideas to carry forward.
  • Further along the innovation process, FGI helps you identify the very best features, benefits and prices for your new products and services. We use conjoint analysis, market simulators, and other advanced methods to help you develop offerings that will maximize market share, revenue or profits.
  • FGI also provides advanced solutions for final concept testing, pricing, packaging and message/ad testing. These solutions help our clients avoid innovation pitfalls and improve their results across all customer segments and product lines.