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How We Help

We help you identify untapped markets, retain your best customers, and grow your revenue and earnings with innovative offerings and high-performance marketing.

  • Market study, category study and segmentation
  • New product development and innovation
  • Pricing optimization
  • Ad / campaign effectiveness (pre and post)
  • Customer experience (CX), satisfaction and net promoter

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Our industry is extremely competitive. I demand robust research and insights that give my team a real advantage.

Vice President of Marketing

Your Teams and Strategies Drive Growth in New and Existing Markets

  • As a business leader, you succeed by growing your existing markets/product lines while expertly expanding into new and untapped arenas. Along the way, you must ensure that your customers enjoy a great experience with your current offerings, even as you are driving new innovations yet to be launched. You do all of this in the face of limited resources, mounds of data, and hordes of disruptive competitors.
  • To succeed, you rely on a wide array of data sources and human resources within your enterprise. Chief among them is advanced market research that you rely on to make critical decisions about strategies, innovations, marketing and customer management. You know that research short-cuts can lead to strategic blunders that can set you back for years. So, you rely on robust research and expert partners to help you succeed.

FGI Helps You Understand Your Customers and How to Move Them

  • FGI helps you target the right segments, build the right strategies, launch the right offerings, and execute the right campaigns to succeed. For many clients, we help them understand their categories (awareness and usage) and segment their customers. For others, we help them understand why customers are leaving and/or buying with less frequency and enthusiasm.
  • FGI helps your team design and launch the most effective marketing campaigns for any goal. For example, we provide advanced research to improve your decisions about product names, logos, offers, creative and messaging. For new products and services, we help you identify the very best features, benefits and prices for each customer segment.
  • FGI also helps you track, measure and improve your performance in critical areas. These solutions include ad effectiveness research (pre and post), customer satisfaction and experience (CX) research, and customer retention (churn reduction) research. From strategy to execution, our research solutions give you a real competitive advantage.