digitally active grocery shoppers are on the Grocery Voice PanelFor marketing and research professionals in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) and grocery industries, FGI Research has teamed up with MyWebGrocer to build the unique Grocery Voice panel.

MyWebGrocer (MWG) is an ideal partner and provides leading-edge eCommerce and eMarketing solutions to the grocery and CPG industries.  Their reach is 6.5 million monthly unique visitors (comScore/Google Analytics Q1 2012).

The Grocery Voice panel is comprised of highly qualified respondents who have agreed to participate in market research studies and shed light on why they research, plan, and shop the way they do.

The core goal of the panel is to help CPG and grocery companies understand the opinions and behaviors of shoppers and measure the impact of digital advertising campaigns on these consumers along their paths to purchase.

Studies on the Grocery Voice panel can measure key metrics such as brand awareness, creative appeal, brand favorability, concept effectiveness, and intent to purchase.

Learn more and see what’s next

The Grocery Voice Panel is available for ad testing and online sample. Schedule a call today.If you’d like to learn more, let’s schedule a call. We can discuss how your company could take advantage of this truly unique gathering of digitally active grocery shoppers.

In addition to the panel, FGI and MWG have released a special report covering the detailed segmentation survey FGI and MWG conducted on the digitally active shoppers of the panel.

Get a detailed look at grocery eCommerce consumers, from likes and dislikes to common purchase drivers and in-store behaviors. For more details, contact FGI.